Payroll Services Connecticut

LSK Consulting Services is an actively enrolled member of

Tax Protection Plus

which includes the following benefits:

  • Tax Preparation Guarantee 
    Reimbursement for added expenses incurred due to legitimate preparer errors *up to $2500. * Subject to terms & conditions.
  • Identity Theft Restoration
    Comprehensive, personalized recovery services for identity theft incidents (includes all individuals listed on the tax return i.e., spouse and dependents)
  • Audit Assistance:
    Expert Assistance with interpreting and resolving federal and state audits and inquiries. Professional case assessment and personalized recommendation from credentialed specialists. Help with identifying and resolving debt owed to tax authorities related to the specific enrolled return.

Tax Protection Plus Certificate-of-Membership-2021-EID

Terms & Conditions:
Payroll Services Connecticut Tax Protection Plus - Audit Assistance Membership Agreement

Tax Protection Plus - Identity Theft Restoration Membership Agreement

Payroll Services Connecticut  Tax Protection Plus - Tax Reimbursement Membership Agreement